The Food & Energy Network

Nine partners in the cooperative network

Within the scope of the “Central Innovation Program for SMEs” (“ZIM”), the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy approved a one-year funding of the Food & Energy Network from January 2017 onwards. This network has naturally grown in the planning phase of the Food & Energy Campus. Six companies are committed to this network in order to promote research and development projects at the location of the Food & Energy Campus.

Experts from the fields of greenhouse technology, aquaculture, soil science, water treatment technologies, biogas production, crop production and IT infrastructure will be able to create unique synergies on the campus. In the various research and development projects, we want to cooperate with other companies or universities and thus expand the competence of the network. All companies involved in research and development projects can receive financial support from the network. The emerging, innovative technologies should also strengthen the profitability of the respective company.

The vision of the network is to recognize the close interconnection between climate protection and food production and to link those two issues in a logical manner. Small changes in the system design can have a strong impact if those changes are scaled up and realized multiple times. Using the example of the biogas plant: if the digestates were pyrolyzed and transformed to Palaterra all over Germany, the amount of sequestered carbon sequestration could make a relevant contribution to an improvement of the CO2 balance.

Technologies developed in the Food & Energy network are intended to support the regional value chain by strengthening regional substance, energy, and economic cycles. The location of the campus aims to serve as a model and to encourage imitation, so that the enhanced regional value chain can be realized in as many sites as possible.

Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie unsere Netzwerkmanagerin:

Dr. Dorothée Klemann

Telefon: 06152/6680110