• Standort der Biogasanlage

    Der Standort der Biogasanlage in Wallerstädten bietet sich für den Aufbau des ersten Food & Energy Campus an.

  • Der geplante Ausbau am Standort Wallerstädten

    Wo könnte sich was befinden?

Hessisches Ried – location of the first Food & Energy Campus

Wallerstädten is a district of the town Groß-Gerau and is located in the southern Rhein-Main area. Many important cities like Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt as well as the Frankfurt airport are just around the corner.

As location for our first “Food & Energy Campus”, Wallerstädten is perfect as the biogas plant is situated amidst vast agricultural land. In the neighboring municipality of Trebur, the pikeperch hetchery of Fischmaster is located that assures a local supply with young fish.

But why is this a good location?

In addition to the availability of commercial and agricultural land, a major advantage of this location is the availability of excess waste heat from the combined heat and power plant of the biogas power station at Stadtwerke Groß-Gerau.

The waste heat from the electricity production has so far been used to a small extent to heat the fermentation tanks for biogas production itself. In the summer months, a large portion of the waste heat is used for herbal drying by Ingenia Dienstleistung Beratungsmanagement GmbH. In the winter months, the waste heat remains almost unused.

In future, a year-round use of heat can be assured in the planned Sun Light Greenhouses developed by ebf GmbH. In this aquaponic system both plants and fish need heat in winter. Another new application of the waste heat is the drying of fermentation residues for the production of biochar.

The proximity to Fischmaster IP-Services GmbH gives a further advantage: The company operates a modern pike-perch reproduction in the neighboring Trebur. Thus, the Aquaponics of the Food & Energy Campus can be filled with the young pike-perch from Trebur. The fish are fed here until they reach their target weight of about one kilogram. For processing, the fish can be brought back to Fischmaster, where they are professionally prepared for sale in an EU-certified fresh-fish processing. With this cooperation we can guarantee, that the entire pike-perch production from the egg to the ready-to-eat fish will take place in the same region.

In Wallerstädten, the visions of the three owners of the Food & Energy Campus, with their know-how and their technologies, merge into an innovative location for food production.