The “Sun Light Greenhouse” is a particularly energy-efficient greenhouse, which has an integrated system generating energy and food. Due to its special structure and the use of massive building materials for the west, east and north wall of the greenhouse, there is a lot of thermal mass, which can buffer temperature fluctuations inside the greenhouse and reduce the heating requirement.


Photovoltaic lamellae

EBF’s innovative photovoltaic lamellae is an essential component of the Sun Light Greenhouse. On sunny summer days, the plants are protected from excessive sunlight, while at the same time electricity is generated for the greenhouse. The lamellas can be rotated and adapted to the current angle of the sun´s radiation. This insures optimal light conditions for the plants.

F-Clean – a potent cover material

Asahi Glass Green Tech’s unique covering material F-Clean (ETFE-foil) enables optimum light conditions in the greenhouse.

The outstanding properties of F-Clean are:

  • UV-permeable (responsible for compact vigorous plants)
  • Anti-adhesive (dirt is very easily rinsed off, snow slides off)
  • Mechanically very stable
  • Very low resource consumption and fully recyclable
  • UV-stable and therefore very long-lasting (optical and mechanical properties remain for decades).

So far, this outstanding material has only been used in professional horticulture. EBF uses F-Clean for its Sun Light Greenhouses.

Ownfoods raft system

Another innovation of EBF is the ownfoods raft system, which is made of bioplastics. The smooth, hygienic surface is ideally suited to the requirements of aquaponics. The material is UV-stable, long-lasting, does not pollute the water and is biodegradable.