What is the Food & Energy Campus?

On the Food & Energy Campus, different areas of agriculture are linked together to produce food as resource-efficient as possible for the region. We question traditional concepts, test new approaches and develop them. Different companies from agriculture-related fields combine their know-how in a network to develop a sustainable form of food production. Together we work on renewable energies, greenhouse technologies, aquaculture, production of highly fertile plant substrates and on water purification technologies.

What are the main objectives?

The Food & Energy Campus optimizes the use of the biogas plant in Wallerstädten and plans to integrate all the residual materials into a process of food production. Every year, high-quality foods of great variety should be produced and offered on the local market. In addition to the production of foodstuffs, agricultural concepts and technologies should be developed that can be used all over the world. Our aim is to pass on the gained knowledge so that the best possible exchange is supported by all those who are committed to resource-conserving agriculture.

Food & Energy Campus Groß-Gerau

On the Food & Energy Campus, renewable energies, the operation of aquaculture, aquaponics and ecological horticulture are systematically interconnected. In the aquaculture, the keeping and breeding of fish in closed circulation systems with a focus on animal welfare will be improved. Aquaponics will be implemented, which is a combination of aquaculture and plant cultivation in which the resulting nutrients from fish farming are used as fertilizer for vegetables and herbs. In addition, our greenhouses are home to chicken for the production of organically grown eggs and meat.

Our goal and desire is to unconditionally respect the natural energy, material and life cycles and to use them synergistically. The use of fossil energies such as petroleum should be avoided as far as possible.

For the first time in Germany, six companies that contribute to sustainability with their own company, are working together to achieve this objective and are combining the concepts and technologies developed in-house to a new and large scale.

We would like to tell you which food products are cultivated and produced on the Food & Energy Campus and how the region of Groß-Gerau benefits from the project.

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